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"Tom, I value your knowledge, wisdom and trustworthiness". Thank you! 

     -Susan Stensland,                         Executive  Director, GSO


"Tom got us in compliance with our Georgia Audit requirements!"

     -Dr. V, Executive Director,

       Closer Look Academy


"Thank you for your open door policy, Tom, and your availability beyond the audit!"

     -Wande Okunoren-Meadows,         Executive Director,

       Hand, Heart + Soul Project 


"Tom is reachable whenever we have questions!"

     -Dawn Murray, Founder             House of Dawn


"Tom, your wonderful !!!"

     -Stephanie Nesbitt, CFO,                  ACTION


"Thanks for helping us stay in compliance. Over the years, your reports remained professional, detailed, and Star quality."

     -Cassandra Crum,

       Executive Director, DCO

"We're glad we found you Tom!"

     -Ann Mills, Executive Director

        Overcomers House

"Tom did a great job for us!"

     -Jennifer Ball, CFO

       Sweet Auburn Works


"Tom, thank you for your quick turnaround. I appreciate your willingness to jump in on such short notice. You are always responsive, helpful and considerate!"

     -Lisa Ransom Gautreaux,

       Executive Director, ACTION


"I like your audit report format Tom! It's very easy to read. Thank you!"

     -Ann Sutphin, CFO

       Pinecrest Baptist Church


"Tom, thank you so much for getting the audit done for us and keeping us in compliance with Kiwanis International."

     -Alexia Lieber, Executive Director

        Georgia District of Kiwanis


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